A Collective of Experienced Creatives
Specializing in Documentary and Web Series Production

Lady K Productions in Suitland, Maryland is a full-service film company that creates
documentaries and other types of films. We also produce web series for video hosting
sites, such as Hulu and YouTube.

Our focus is on helping independent filmmakers in all aspects of production, from
scriptwriting to editing. Reach out to us today about a potential project. We are more
than happy to work with you every step of the way.

A Woman Owned Independent Production Company
Empowering Women to Live Their Creative Career Dreams

Film Production Services

Film Production Services

Be it a documentary or a web show, count on us to be there with you throughout the entire production. In addition to scriptwriting and editing, we can help you in casting and coaching the right actors for your film.

Inspirational Book

Chasing My Dreams, Not the Money: A True Success Story

If you’ve been wanting to break into the entertainment industry, chances are you’ve told others about your dream. What was their reaction? Support? Skepticism? Derision? Although the entertainment industry is notorious for being difficult to get into, author Karen Simon empowers you to never allow anything or anyone (including yourself) to stand in your way.

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All Original Series

All Original Series

If you need a skilled production team to work on your documentary or web series, we are the ones to call. We have a wealth of experience in producing all original content for YouTube and Hulu.

Let Us Work On Your Story

Do you have a story that you want to tell through film? Get in touch with us and let’s
discuss what your vision is and how we can help to make it a reality.

You can also call or email if you have any questions about film production. If you have
something to share, feel free to leave us a message through our contact form.

Lady K Productions

Innovative and Inspiring
District Heights, Maryland

In Production:

NYC Style

Projects coming soon:

Drama: The Blakes

Movie: I AM King, The Temptations of Joshua

Talent: Documentaries

Coming Soon; A Book titled “Chasing my dream, not the money (A True Success Story).”

Coming Soon; “War of Minds (60 min drama).”

Coming Soon; “The Judge (60 min drama).”

Coming Soon; “The Delivery Guy (30 min spiritual).”

Coming Soon; “Wall Street (30 min drama).”

What We Do

Lady K Production is an independent company that provides all genres of Movies and Film. We’re consistently growing, and innovating with a variety of ideas and visions. We’ve put together a strong and determined team that strives to be the best in the Film and TV Industry. We believe that honesty and loving what you do are keys to success!

Our Mission

To Inspire others to live out their dreams, and to use their creative God-given gifts.